The collection

The museum's treasure chest with countless trimmings and motifs
The museum's treasure chest with countless trimmings and motifs

The museum is housed in a former residence built in 1860. Start off your visit by watching a short multimedia presentation in the former dining room on the ground floor, which will let you delve into the extraordinary topic that awaits you in this museum! (This introduction as well as all texts and labels throughout the museum are available in English.)

The visit continues on the second floor where you learn about the beginnings of straw manufacturing in pre-industrial times, when thousands of cottage industry labourers created veritable works of art made of straw.

The first floor of the museum is dedicated to the industrial production, the new materials invented to meet the demands of changing fashion and the international network of the hat plaiting industry in the late 19th and 20th century. The building's former living room acts as a gallery for temporary exhibitions.

The Straw Museum's presentation of the history of this industry is modern, versatile, multimedia-based, and interactive. Prepare yourself to be stunned by the innumerable gems in the collection and the richness of information.

The Aargau Cultural Heritage prize

The Straw Museum, founded in 1976, re-opened in 2013 at this new location and in the same year received the prestigious Aargau Cultural Heritage prize – a great honour for all involved!

“To move the existing Straw Museum into the neo-classical villa built by August Isler in 1860 was an exemplary decision. The rooms of the villa were subtly renovated and adjusted to the necessities for presenting the multi-faceted history of the straw industry. The visitor will be impressed by the display of the hat plaiting industry.” (Aargau Heritage Society)