History of the Museum

The Freiämter Strohmuseum at its original location
The Freiämter Strohmuseum at its original location

The "Freiämter Strohmuseum" was opened in 1976 as a permanent exhibition in the building of the former Freiämter Bank in the center of Wohlen.

When the museum began needing a facelift and bursting at the seams, a new location with new possibilities for a modern museum was sought. Today's "Strohmuseum im Park" in the refurbished Isler villa was opened in 2013.

Construction of the administration building of Ersparniskasse Bremgarten-Muri at Bankweg 2.

around 1900
The Natural History Museum Aarau displays straw braids and trimmings.

Hans Dürst, Hans R. Woodtli and Guido Bruggisser set up the exhibition "Mode en paille" at Lenzburg Castle. The exhibition's great success on one hand and the decline of the hat industry on the other are the reasons for planning a permanent display in Wohlen.

Commission to increase the foundation's capital is successful among the former manufacturers.

The Wohlen voters agree to the establishment of a municipal library and the Freiämter Strohmuseum at Bankweg 2.
Remodeling and renovation by the architects Hans Wyder and Benno Frei.

The Freiämter Strohmuseum is formally inaugurated on 26 February 1976.

The Strohmuseum im Park is opened to the public in May 2013.