Bed linens by Christian Fischbacher, inspired by motifs from the Straw Museum
Bed linens by Christian Fischbacher, inspired by motifs from the Straw Museum

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Veronica Main, author of the book «Swiss Straw Work – Techniques of a Fashion Industry» and long-standing friend consultant of the Straw Museum, awarded the «Order of the British Empire».
Article (in German) in the Wohler Anzeiger, 15 January 2021

Our new temporary exhibition is open!
Article (in German) in the Wohler Anzeiger, 27 September 2019

R&B and soul musician Seven is one of Switzerland's most acclaimed singers. He was born and raised in Wohlen. On 22 June 2019, the Jacqueline and Rudolf Isler-Schwab foundation hosted one of his gigs of his «Soulmate» tour in the garden of the Straw Museum – an extraordinary treat!
Link to the press coverage (German)

«Kreissäge und Spreuerschwarm»: Article in the Kunstbulletin 12/2016

Musikwelle Magazin, Radio SRF: Report about the Straw Museum (16 November 2016)

Adorning a president's head: the President of the Swiss Confederation in 2016, Mr. Johann Schneider-Ammann, wears a boater from Wohlen at the Swiss Wrestling Championship on 28 August 2016 (see photos at right)

Art project «Upside down» by Irene Brühwiler: Review in the Wohler Anzeiger (27 September 2016)

The Fasanenschlösschen Moritzburg (Germany) hosts the Straw Museum Wohlen: special exhibition about straw work

The magazine «Herbarella» publishes a wonderful review (12/2015) about the Straw Museum!

Great honor for the Straw Museum: the Swiss Heritage Society names it one of the 50 most beautiful museums in Switzerland!
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The first full year of the new Straw Museum's operation – it is blossoming! (Aargauer Zeitung, 2 May 2015)

MINI Design Prize for Annina Gähwiler and Tina Stieger from the Zurich design label «Pour les Alpes», participants of the Prix Paille

«And the winner is...»: The winners of the «Prix Paille» design competition organised by the Straw Museum (Aargauer Zeitung, 7 November 2014)

Calling for bids for the «Prix Paille» design competition
Aargauer Zeitung 
Wohler Anzeiger

The renovation and new display of the Straw Museum were possible thanks to the generous support of the Swisslos-Fonds. Film report from 26 February 2014

Great honor: Aargau Heritage prize 2013

Immortalised on a stamp:
Straw hat motif on a Pro Patria stamp

Opening of the new Straw Museum, May 2013

Various reports about the re-opening of the Straw Museum
The Hat Magazine, July/August/September 2013
SRF, Region Aargau Solothurn, 17 May 2013 
Various articles in the Aargauer Zeitung 
SRF, Region Aargau Solothurn, 2  May 2013 
Tele M1, 2 May 2013