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Part of the trilogy A BREEZE OF STRAW by Martina Vontobel
© Elvira Hürsch Angstmann


Copyright, unless otherwise noted: Felix Wey, Baden. Copyright information must be included at all times.

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1–6 Views of the Isler villa and park
7 Aerial view of the grounds. © Daniel Baumann

8 The two industrialists Johann Rudolf Isler and Iwan Bally
9–11 Glimpses into the temporary exhibition
12 The Bally hall of mirrors at the Swiss national exhibition 1939, «Landi 39». © Stadtarchiv Zürich
13+14 Reconstruction of the Bally hall of mirrors in the Straw Museum
15 Bally's evening shoe from 1939, designed for the Swiss national exhibition. The first pairs apparently contained real gold.
16+17 Presentation of hats at the «Landi 39». © Stadtarchiv Zürich
18 Presentation of the hat industry. © Stadtarchiv Zürich
19 Fashion pavilions at the «Landi 39». © Stadtarchiv Zürich
20 The actors Peter Ender and Walter Küng

21–23 Straw hats
24+25 Finest straw trimmings
26 Maniple with straw ornaments
27+28 Pattern books from the 19th century
29 Top floor: "The farmhouse parlour"
30 1st floor: "The Industrialisation"
31 The Museum's treasure chest: drawers with countless straw trimmings, ornaments, and plaits
32 The straw industry's networks: the interactive digital globe
33 Leafing through the electronic pattern books
34 Bleaching straw in Villmergen, ca. 1905
35 Wooden shipping crates are loaded into a train. © imRaum
36 Hat press

37 Winner of the Prix Paille: Kon/Servieren, Chantal Bavaud. © imRaum
38 Runner-up of the Prix Paille: Ruche, Aude Genton. © Aude Genton
39 Third place of the Prix Paille: Golden Woven, It's Lauber. © Angelika Annen