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1 The two industrialists Johann Rudolf Isler and Iwan Bally
2–4 Glimpses into the temporary exhibition
5 The Bally hall of mirrors at the Swiss national exhibition 1939, «Landi 39». © Stadtarchiv Zürich
6+7 Presentation of hats at the «Landi 39». © Stadtarchiv Zürich
8 Presentation of the hat industry. © Stadtarchiv Zürich
9 Fashion pavilions at the «Landi 39». © Stadtarchiv Zürich
10 The actors Peter Ender and Walter Küng

11 Garden façade of the Isler Villa
12 Front of the Isler Villa with rondel
13–15 Straw hats
16+17 Finest straw trimmings
18 Maniple with straw ornaments
19+20 Pattern books from the 19th century
21 Top floor: "The farmhouse parlour"
22 1st floor: "The Industrialisation"
23 The Museum's treasure chest: drawers with countless straw trimmings, ornaments, and plaits
24 The straw industry's networks: the interactive digital globe
25 Leafing through the electronic pattern books
26 Bleaching straw in Villmergen, ca. 1905
27 Wooden shipping crates are loaded into a train. © imRaum
28 Hat press

29 Winner of the Prix Paille: Kon/Servieren, Chantal Bavaud. © imRaum
30 Runner-up of the Prix Paille: Ruche, Aude Genton. © Aude Genton
31 Third place of the Prix Paille: Golden Woven, It's Lauber. © Angelika Annen
32 Winso, Tobias Hirt. © Tobias Hirt
33 "Strohbaron" stool, Annina Gähwiler/Tina Stieger. © imRaum