AU REVOIR À «CHLY PARIS» – Bally's visit in the Isler villa

Johann Rudolf Isler and Iwan Bally
Johann Rudolf Isler and Iwan Bally

29 October 1939: The National Exhibition in Zurich has just closed its doors. The fashion industry made an unforgettable appearance at the show, which over the years has become a myth. Now the Second World War has broken out. Johann Rudolf and Evelyn Isler remember the "Landi" wistfully and look to the future full of worries. Suddenly the doorbell rings: a spontaneous visit is announced. Shoe manufacturer Iwan Bally pays a visit to the Islers. The two patrons sit down for a familiar conversation.

The special exhibition AU REVOIR À "CHLY PARIS" invites the visitors on an entertaining journey back to the year 1939. The show centers around an audiovisual presentation in the staged salon of the Isler villa. Here they will listen to the two manufacturers talking in front of the fireplace, and be able to view historical film sequences, photographs and numerous other items. Isler and Bally speak about the general situation of the fashion and textile industries during the raging war and analyse their companies' situation with wit. Export figures, competitive pressure and fashion trends speak for themselves. The re-staging of the Bally Mirror Hall of the "Landi" on the first floor of the permanent exhibition gives an insight into the product world and the company history of the former global corporation BALLY.

During the winter months, Johann Rudolf Isler and Iwan Bally can be met in person at the Isler villa once a month. The two patrons – impersonated by the actors Walter Küng and Peter Ender – will be giving guided tours through the house (in German). CANCELLED DUE TO THE CURRENT CORONA REGULATIONS

From spring to autumn 2020, the Straw Museum staged scenic bus rides: accompanied by Johann Rudolf Isler, an old-timer bus took the participants from Wohlen to Schönenwerd and back. En route, scenic interventions took place at various historical locations of the Aargau fashion industry, as well as a short guided tour either through the Ballyana exhibition or through the Bally Park in Schönenwerd.

Exhibition concept
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